Bodyweight HIIT

Work out for 30 minutes & burn calories all day

HIIT is the most time efficient way to burn fat, build muscle and improve stamina.  Our classes are just 30 minutes but guaranteed to have you pushing it to the max.  No equipment needed, no choreography to follow, just a great workout that will deliver great results.

 Signature Classes

Our members benefit from 4 LIVE CLASSES per week, plus ON DEMAND access to an extensive video library of past sessions.


Core Connection

Our strength & toning class focused on building a strong core

Forget sit ups, in this class we work on functional moves that will strengthen the deep abdominals as well as the supporting muscles in the glutes, back and hips.  Having a strong core will make you run, walk and move more easily and help prevent against lower back pain.    

Please note that these group sessions are not suitable for anyone with Diastasis Recti or Pelvic Floor Disfunction.  

Contact me if you're unsure about your readiness to participate.

Live classes happen over Zoom and the recordings are available for you to do the class in your own time.