Mother and Toddler Exercise

Restore & Revive Bespoke Online Training

Created by me, just for you

I specialise in restorative Post- Natal fitness.  If you’re solely looking to get back into your skinny jeans as quickly as possible then honestly, I’m not the right trainer for you.  That’s not to say that weight loss if off the table- of course it’s not, but my focus is very much on approach that will help you regain the strength and function of your core and your pelvic floor.  

The training plan that we will work from will be unique to you- this is a key difference between my Restore & Revive plans and the generic off the shelf solutions that are available in the market today.  No two mums have had the same pregnancy, birth or post-natal experience, so no two training plans I create are the same.

​I believe that a restorative approach is fundamental and unfortunately many women are not aware of the damage they can do if they don’t take time out to rehab.  After a broken ankle you don’t go straight from having the cast removed to running a marathon- that’d be foolish.  You need physio, rehab, time to rebuild the muscles etc.  So why do we think that we can just go back to mainstream exercise after having a baby and everything will sort itself out?

I will teach you techniques that will serve you for the rest of your life.  Whether you continue to train with me long term, or whether you go back to your favourite boot camp, spin class, running marathons- whatever it is that you love to do.  You will be safe in the knowledge that you have restored your body and are ready for that next step.  I want my clients to have a level of fitness and mobility that enables them to enjoy life, to be comfortable lifting their children, to be able to run after them in the park, even to be able to join them on the trampoline without worrying about embarrassing accidents. 

You must all fill in a pre screening form and have an initial (free) telephone consultation before I can accept you as a client.  In rare circumstances I may ask for you to have sign off from your doctor or physiotherapist before we begin our sessions.