R&R Post Natal Exercise FAQs

My children are no longer babies, is it too late for me to start?

Not at all!  If you've ever had a baby then this is suitable for you.  We've even had a grandmother take part.

How soon after having my baby can I take part?

Once you've had the all clear from the doctor then you're good to join.  Normally 6 weeks or 12 if you had a c section.

I've resumed exercise since having my baby but I still have concerns about leaking when I skip/ run/ jump/ sneeze.  Will this course help me?

For sure!  1 in 3 women who have had babies suffer from stress incontinence at some point.  Just because this is so common it does not need to be accepted as normal and can be addressed through exercises such as the ones we do on the course.


Body Blitz and Metafit classes are not suitable for babies due to the pace of the class and the amount of movement around the room.  For the Restore & Revive Post Natal Course babies aren't involved in the class but you're welcome to have your pre-mobile baby with you.  Please be aware that many mums find the baby a distraction and prefer to either leave them at home or bring the nanny along to watch them as they wait outside the studio.


Please wear comfortable form fitting clothes.  Baggy t-shirts etc make it more difficult for me to assess posture during the class.  Most of the exercises are performed barefoot so you don't necessarily need to wear trainers.  If you have a yoga mat then please bring it.